I Got Locked Away (3 min read)

I don’t know about love but a part of your soul dies every time a relationship, so dear to your heart, fails. Five years had passed since the divorce. It had not only taken a toll on my mental health, but on every part of my life. I hardly remembered when was the last time … Continue reading I Got Locked Away (3 min read)


A Mini Novel by Sree

Hey Peeps, I have a special news to share. A short thriller written by me, is now available on 'Juggernaut Books'. It's free. And it comprises just 25 pages. Please follow the link below and give it a read. It'll be great if you leave a review ( an honest one will help me write … Continue reading A Mini Novel by Sree

One Last Time ( 2 min read)

I’ve nothing left of my dead husband except for a flute and his last letter. I gave away all his belongings. He’d never uttered his last wish but I knew this was all he needed to rest peacefully in the lap of heaven. People wonder what sort of a woman or wife I am. Actually … Continue reading One Last Time ( 2 min read)

My baby turns one today

Hey bloggers, Today my baby blog has turned one. And I couldn't be prouder and happier. This one year has been bumpy and exhilarating for my tiny tot - learning to crawl, trying to stand on its feet and tripping, sitting idle and crying for attention, poking me with its tiny fingers whenever I felt … Continue reading My baby turns one today

An Ounce of Me (1 min read)

Today we’re moving to a new house, a new city. Mom says this old house is too big for us, now that my grandparents are no more. She thinks the void outside is slowly finding its way to our hearts and filling them with the clamour of lost souls. But is it only the dead … Continue reading An Ounce of Me (1 min read)

…through a Bumpy Road( 2 min read)

Today I’m not the writer; I gawk in awe at this woman as she’s orating on her life and journey. I’m just holding the pen while she’s penning down her words - I’m an ordinary woman who has lived a trite life comprising a bag full of remarkable experiences. My early memories are blurry now … Continue reading …through a Bumpy Road( 2 min read)

…And then I played Holi( 3 min read)

Holi - even the name pops a hundred tiny color balloons in your heart, right? But within me, I guess, the formula to produce them is missing. I never liked the concept of playing with colors, let alone going out, inviting others to sprinkle some on me. But somewhere up above in the sky, God … Continue reading …And then I played Holi( 3 min read)

Wish Me Happy Birthday (2 min read)

Today I have turned one. I still remember the day I was born. I opened my bleary eyes and looked around. Like other newborns, I didn’t cry. But everybody else did. My eyes darted from one person to another in the hospital room. The void within me was spreading like wildfire. Suddenly, my hand jerked … Continue reading Wish Me Happy Birthday (2 min read)

Yes I Lie To You, Mom (3 min read)

The raindrops clacking down on earth awoke me early in the morning. The smell of wet mud filled my nostrils and a thousand memories sifted through my mind. The giggle and chatter of me and my brother resounded in my ears. Those memories always left a trail of void, which agonized me for hours. And … Continue reading Yes I Lie To You, Mom (3 min read)

An Old School Love Story (4 min read)

It had been raining since last night. Squinting through my half-opened eyes, I looked out the glass window and a queer surge of emotion ran through my body. A flood of memories flashed through my mind. I made myself a cup of tea and walked out onto the balcony. A stormy breeze blew in, making … Continue reading An Old School Love Story (4 min read)