She wasn’t my forever

The fragrance of the perfume woke me up this morning; the moment it filled my nostrils, I flashed back to a moment, a very vague one. "What perfume is it?...the smell is too good..." I recalled myself saying to her. "I don't know...sneaked it out of mom's room..." She'd started laughing hysterically. And then I planted [...]


The dead fish

"The fish is dead..." my brother sighed in disappointment and added, "...but we provided it with seawater, food, oxygen...we decorated the aquarium with colorful lights...we did everything to keep it alive, didn't we?" "Probably what we called its home was nothing but an enclosure; however much you decorate it, it still remains painful..." I looked intently [...]

Young Phoenix award!! Yayyyy

Hey bloggers, I would like to share my joy with you all today as I received the 'Young Phoenix Award' from Idealize blog. This means a lot to me. Thank you so much all of you for loving my stories. About the award: In Greek mythology, the phoenix was a long–lived bird that cyclically regenerated or was [...]