You’ve got to die( 1 min read)

you're gonna die today... - The message popped up. I frowned. you've got 10 minutes..., another message arrived. I looked around the tram and saw an old lady, a middle-aged man, a young girl and a little boy; they looked back at me with a strange smile lingering on their lips. My phone lit up - Well, let me refresh your memory... [...]


It’s raining again( 1 min read)

'The rain looks beautiful, doesn't it?' I stretched out my hand and the droplets touched my palm. 'I love how the rain drops hang from the drenched window grills.' I added, smiling. All I could think of was how much I'd missed the rain. I would shut all the windows, pull the curtains and sit on my bed putting [...]

I came back for you( 3 min read)

'Yes? Can I help you?' She asked. Nothing came out of my mouth; I stood silently, my eyes fixed on hers, my heart beat faster than ever. 'Auntie, can I have some water?' I said a moment later. She looked me up and down, frowned for a bit, then smiled - 'Come in.' Once inside, [...]

Wrong mates( 1 min read)

'Can we talk - ' Rishav's voice choked up as Nisha turned around, reminding him of the first time they'd met in college; it hadn't taken him long to realize that it was love at first sight. It'd taken a little longer, however, for Nisha to realize her feelings for him but once she did, [...]

The day my life changed( 1 min read)

The clock strikes 10; my phone buzzes, I disconnect the call from work and turn my face away to stare deep into the darkness; the park is hauntingly empty at this time of the day. 'Running away isn't a wise choice, dear - ' I look in the direction the voice came from, a man sitting beside me, his face vaguely visible in the [...]

Our second honeymoon( 1 min read)

She checked her wristwatch again - 'Can't we just call him - ' He cut in, 'When was the last time we came on vacation together, just you and me?' Her cheeks flushed red, recalling old times. He took her hands - 'Let's relive those days.' She giggled like a teen; 'Call him!!' She insisted. He looked [...]

There’s no such thing as first love( 1 min read)

'You look like shit man!!' Rohan exclaimed. 'You've even left the main door open!!' Dev threw his hands up. Danny sat before me, put his hand on my shoulder - 'tell me buddy...what's wrong?...and where is Ria?' 'She left...' I muttered. A long silence filled the room, all three of them thinking what to say or ask [...]

I said no( <1 min read)

"'re a waitress now!!" He mouthed off once his fiancée left to the loo. The smirk on his face made me want to smack him, but I managed to muster a decent smile - "Your order, sir?" "Do you even realize what a life you would've led had you not..." He paused and ran a finger down my [...]