You’ve got to die( 1 min read)

you're gonna die today... - The message popped up. I frowned. you've got 10 minutes..., another message arrived. I looked around the tram and saw an old lady, a middle-aged man, a young girl and a little boy; they looked back at me with a strange smile lingering on their lips. My phone lit up - Well, let me refresh your memory... … Continue reading You’ve got to die( 1 min read)


Sree’s got another award

Hey bloggers, I have been nominated by man's poetry for the 'Versatile blogger award'. A big thanks to him for that. He is a wonderful and talented poet and the best thing about his blog is all his posts/poems are unique. So request you all to go check out his poems. What is the Versatile Blogger Award? … Continue reading Sree’s got another award