Not a mother’s day post( 2 min read)

As the title says, it is truly not a mother’s day post; do give it a read however for a change maybe.

Even before a baby opens its eyes, its parents have seen numerous dreams on its behalf; a mother if she’s a homemaker, probably dreams of making her baby-girl a self-reliant strong woman or a father if not satisfied with his life choices, maybe dreams of making his baby an artist, a writer, a singer or an actor.

The baby hardly learns to stand on its own, and its room is filled with books, drawing canvas, colors, a harmonium et cetera, et cetera; the poor baby, with its glistening eyes looks up at the toys nicely decorated inside the glass showcase in its room. Who would help it get to the toys, if not its own parents? But they’re still busy dreaming on its behalf.

Please bear with me a little longer, even if you’re irritated or bored.

Kids are many a time called selfish for they don’t take decisions as per their parents’ advice. They should listen to their parents, I agree. But do parents always listen to their kids? Once in a while, sit next to them, put your hand on their head and say – stay as you are, you’re not perfect and there’s no need to be.

When a relative or you yourself is making fun of your kid, ask yourself – how would I have felt if someone made fun of my nature, my imperfections, my inabilities?

Let me tell you, they are probably just 7 years or 12 or 16 years old, but those little scars take a lot longer to fade away and sometimes they never do. You’re a good parent, no doubt, but these unintentional mistakes would cost them a lot. Probably they would never open up to you or to anyone in the fear that their natural self would again be made fun of.

– Just a few more lines, I promise. Hang on!

Then one day your little princess or prince grows up, but you find out that they are aloof and less attached to you. They don’t share their problems or joy with you; they like to spend time outside with friends, boyfriend or girlfriend. Rather than crying over it, blaming them or planning to take them for counselling, why not go back a few years and see if they somehow were wronged and you kept mum about it.

Now to all the kids out there(including me) – do respect your parents, love them, spend time with them; once in a while go on a movie date with your parents, take them to restaurants, to cafes. To sum up, give them another chance. They are mere human beings who are bound to make mistakes.

You may be wondering who this girl thinks she is; has she even experienced parenthood? No, I haven’t. I’m not a mother yet, but I’m a kid of a wonderful mother and a not any less wonderful father. I know how it feels to be made fun of, be wronged and seeing your parents keep mum, and live with the continuous guilt that I still cannot forgive them completely.

– Chirasree, a dreamer.





You’re my rock star( 1 min read)

I struggled through the crowd; the girls around screamed the rock star’s name looking like they would faint, while I fumbled for my phone and pointed the camera at the stage.

“…my first song will be for you…you’ll come to my concert, right” he had asked jokingly in college 3 years ago; little did I know that it was his real dream, the one you see with your eyes open.

He finally came on stage with two other back-up singers and stood at one corner;

one day all these people will scream your name and I’ll still be here cheering for you as I promised’, I thought with glistening eyes and shouted his name;

the photo I clicked that day still shines brighter on our bedroom wall than all his other achievements that he earned on his way to becoming the successful rock star that he is today.


– Chirasree, a dreamer.

Written for – Three Line Tales, Week 67