The curse( 2 min read)

"Are you sure this is the place - " I nodded and went ahead. Tina, my best friend looked up and down the palace and hurried her steps to catch up with me. The main door had been long gone; we stepped inside. Rays of the Sun penetrating through the half broken glass windows weren't enough to illuminate the … Continue reading The curse( 2 min read)


Promises are meant to be broken( 1 min read)

I turned back hearing my name and froze up for a moment seeing her face. "" we both spoke up together, holding each other's hands excitedly; we had no idea that our daughters'd been studying in the same college; if it wasn't for their graduation ceremony, we would've never met again. We reminisced about the good old … Continue reading Promises are meant to be broken( 1 min read)

Dark secret( 1 min read)

  "Answer me!" The police officer shouted irritably at the maid. The maid cleared his throat - "The door'd been locked from the inside since last evening...I broke it this morning and - ". He broke down. "So, Mrs. Basu...why do you think your daughter might have committed suicide?" Asked the officer, motioning to the maid to leave … Continue reading Dark secret( 1 min read)

I’m right here…( <1 min read)

The faint ray of candle cannot penetrate the darkness, yet I hear its flame waving clearly. I'm waiting, Maya... Our kids say - '...even Ma wouldn't forgive you...' Haven't you, Maya? Yes, I was drunk that night and I wish I was the one who died in the accident... The candle suddenly blows out and a cold icy … Continue reading I’m right here…( <1 min read)

Not a mother’s day post( 2 min read)

As the title says, it is truly not a mother's day post; do give it a read however for a change maybe. Even before a baby opens its eyes, its parents have seen numerous dreams on its behalf; a mother if she's a homemaker, probably dreams of making her baby-girl a self-reliant strong woman or a father … Continue reading Not a mother’s day post( 2 min read)

You’re my rock star( 1 min read)

I struggled through the crowd; the girls around screamed the rock star's name looking like they would faint, while I fumbled for my phone and pointed the camera at the stage. " first song will be for'll come to my concert, right" he had asked jokingly in college 3 years ago; little did I know that … Continue reading You’re my rock star( 1 min read)

A murderer( 2 min read)

Reshma peeped inside her daughter's room; she watched her sleep for a while and turned around to leave when she found Avilash standing in front of her. "Why don't you go inside?" He asked. "She doesn't want to see me." "Let me talk to her and -" Reshma had left. She had been in prison for years; … Continue reading A murderer( 2 min read)

I’ll never say goodbye to you( 2 min read)

"Love and relationships are so different nowadays, isn't it?" I asked my wife. She smiled - "In our times, love wasn't a matter of concern, especially to a daughter's family; the concern was to get their daughter married. Naturally there was no guarantee that one would fall in love after marriage." "But we did...that too before … Continue reading I’ll never say goodbye to you( 2 min read)

I was his girlfriend(2 min read)

"You're my best friend!" I said, high-fiving. "Don't call me that!...I'm not your friend." He replied gruffly. I laughed hard, pulling his hair and he glared at me. I still laugh when I remember our conversation and the moments we spent together. We'd been friends since 3rd standard. He however used to call me his … Continue reading I was his girlfriend(2 min read)