My baby turns one today

Hey bloggers,

Today my baby blog has turned one. And I couldn’t be prouder and happier. This one year has been bumpy and exhilarating for my tiny tot – learning to crawl, trying to stand on its feet and tripping, sitting idle and crying for attention, poking me with its tiny fingers whenever I felt off.

Just for the record, it’s still learning to walk. So please stop by on your way to cheer it up while it blows out the candles.


A proud mother…



31 thoughts on “My baby turns one today

  1. Sunaina says:

    Hey! I am just so happy for you !! I could imagine how happy you would be … And from today you have got to learn so many new things and to teach as well… Happy birthday babu !! ( to your babu ;). )

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  2. Ravi S says:

    Happy anniversary to your blog. The baby does keeps us entertained with its lovely stories and its beautiful words does ring in the ears leaving an imprint. I am sure the baby will be great knowledge store once it reaches its adulthood

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