Love happened just like that…( 2 min read)

Do you ever realize at what point you start falling for someone? Most of you might say no, but I'd say yes. Let me take you back to that moment - I was gazing up at the heavy, dark clouds, about to break into rain droplets anytime; the sky seemed to be reflecting my face, [...]


Stop tapping, Start talking( 1 min read)

The hoarding outside the shop grabbed my attention. I stopped - 'Stop tapping, Start talking'. I pulled the glass door to peek inside, when a girl emerged out of nowhere and snatched my mobile. Before I could react, she said, 'ma'am, your time starts now.' 'Pardon?' 'All you have to do is talk with others like [...]

It is still ours…( 2 min read)

As I stood before the gigantic house, a shiver trailed down my spine, making my hair stand on end. The walls had fungus all over them, paint faded here and there - which clearly showed that they'd made no effort to maintain the house. I took a step ahead, and then stopped, should I ring the [...]

The Wedding Album( 1 min read)

'He's no more, Akangsha' - the words echoed in my ears again and again, my head spun; I looked around for a place to sit but my sight started getting blurred. I stretched my hand out and opened my mouth, but I collapsed onto the ground. 'Are you okay now?' - the words suddenly hit [...]

Sree’s quotes

Hey Bloggers, While I am away for 2 days, hope you will enjoy reading my quotes. Do leave your feedback.   Written by Chirasree Bose

Letter to my killer( <1 min read)

It wasn't me whom you murdered. Mrs. Roy - became her identity. 'Just a housewife' - they'd described her. 'You'd better stay at home' - she'd agreed. 'Your father should've offered our son a car or a new flat' - said her in-laws. She'd swallowed back the humiliation. She'd thought love was incomplete without compromises.  [...]

A broken toy ( 1 min read)

I sat down on a wooden bench in the farthest corner of the park. I looked down at my hands. They'd gotten wet wiping off my tears. 'Hello,' the voice emerged out of nowhere. I looked up. There stood a tiny boy a few steps away, 'did someone break your toy?' He frowned. I forced [...]

What’s stopping you?( 2 min read)

Rohan slammed on the brake and the car came to a stop with a creaking sound, 'hey...are you mad?' He screamed, sticking his head out the window. There stood a girl, in her twenties, wearing jeans and a red tee, hands outstretched on both sides. Without waiting for his reply, she got into the car, [...]