Did they live happily ever after? (1 min read)

There once was a castle, where lived a little Prince. He'd always been told that one day a beautiful Princess would turn up and sweep him off his feet. 'But...I'm ugly!!' He looked pensive. 'She'd have eyes only for your heart, Prince.' Years passed. He grew up to be a nice man with an unsightly [...]


Stop tapping, Start talking( 1 min read)

The hoarding outside the shop grabbed my attention. I stopped - 'Stop tapping, Start talking'. I pulled the glass door to peek inside, when a girl emerged out of nowhere and snatched my mobile. Before I could react, she said, 'ma'am, your time starts now.' 'Pardon?' 'All you have to do is talk with others like [...]

Letter to my killer( <1 min read)

It wasn't me whom you murdered. Mrs. Roy - became her identity. 'Just a housewife' - they'd described her. 'You'd better stay at home' - she'd agreed. 'Your father should've offered our son a car or a new flat' - said her in-laws. She'd swallowed back the humiliation. She'd thought love was incomplete without compromises.  [...]

A broken toy ( 1 min read)

I sat down on a wooden bench in the farthest corner of the park. I looked down at my hands. They'd gotten wet wiping off my tears. 'Hello,' the voice emerged out of nowhere. I looked up. There stood a tiny boy a few steps away, 'did someone break your toy?' He frowned. I forced [...]

Someone’s at the door( < 1 min read)

Holding the amulet in one hand and a candle in the other, she cowardly walked to the door, the knock getting louder. She chanted the mantra continuously. She unlocked the door; the candle blew out. 'You kept badgering me to come back...here I am,' came the voice of her dead husband. Written by Chirasree Bose [...]

What if I say no?( 1 min read)

'Will you marry me?' The question, all of a sudden, made me think what if I said no. It made me wonder if I'd always meant no whenever I'd said yes to him. What if the kind of love I received was not what I'd wished for. He got down on one knee. The smile [...]

It’s time to let go ( 1 min read)

'Here she is,' said the nurse handing her the baby.Ridha gingerly took the infant in her arms, her eyes shone with tears while her lips curved into a smile..The nurse smiled back, her eyes dropped with a feeling of pity.'I've been dreading this moment...,' she stared at the baby for a long while, then smiled [...]

Five minutes to twelve( 1 min read)

'It's so dark!''The lights are on, Granny!!' I replied.She sighed deeply, 'your eyes aren't wise enough to see the darkness.'I smiled to myself, Dad's right...she talks nonsense nowadays, I unfolded the quilt placed near her feet.'Don't you hear the murmurs?',  she asked.'No', I replied. She grabbed my hand, 'I can see those eyes...', she whispered.I gulped.'Your [...]

The day I met my husband( 1 min read)

He cleared his throat, finally breaking the awful silence prevailing for the last few minutes. I looked at him, then shifted my eyes quickly, my palms sweating profusely. 'I was surprised when you wanted to meet me', he forced a laugh. I furrowed my brows. 'I've been rejected by 5 girls. You see I don't [...]

Over a cup of coffee( 2 min read)

'So...how's life?' He asked as we sat across from each other. I smiled faintly, 'good', I replied. 'I didn't think we'd meet again...' He said leaning back in the chair. I forced a smile, and I wish we didn't, I thought to myself as I blew on the hot coffee cup to cool it. We both [...]