The poisoned love( 1 min read)

The bathroom door was open. The running tap broke the haunting silence of the room.

My grip around the wine glass tightened, my heart pounding fast, nobody will ever know.

From the faint light coming through, I could see our photographs on the wall, It’d look like natural death…don’t worry.

He was lying in the tub, a mischievous smile filled his face, ‘happy anniversary sweetheart,’ he said, stretching his hand out to me.

The poisoned glass slipped through my shaking fingers and crashed to the floor, maybe another time, my hands reached out for his.

Written by Chirasree Bose for 18 AUGUST 2017

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Word count – 96

It’s time to let go ( 1 min read)

'Here she is,' said the nurse handing her the baby.

Ridha gingerly took the infant in her arms, her eyes shone with tears while her lips curved into a smile..

The nurse smiled back, her eyes dropped with a feeling of pity.

'I've been dreading this moment…,' she stared at the baby for a long while, then smiled to herself, for me you were born nine months back, the day I got to know about your existence. I used to put my hands over my belly and try to hear your heart beat…people would call me silly saying you were just a lump, but I could feel you…I used to talk with you and then imagine how you'd reply in your baby voice…but honestly, you're more beautiful than I imagined…maybe this is what heaven feels like…

'It's time…,' the nurse hesitated.

…holding you in my arms and…, Ridha planted a kiss on her forehead; her tiny palm reached out to touch Ridha's cheek.

Teardrops ran down her face, she sniffled and whispered into her tiny ears – 'it's time to let go…,' a forced smile crossed Ridha's lips, '…of your surrogate mother'.

The nurse took the baby girl from her hands, 'her parents have decided to name her after you – Ridha,' she smiled.

Written by Chirasree Bose

That’s how the story ended( 1 min read)

Ahana's hands shook vehemently as she looked down at the glass in her hand.

A doleful smile crossed Amit's lips as she neared him.

She tilted the head of his bed, avoiding eye contact with her husband.

Amit forced a smile, 'today I'll be free from this cage', his eyes shifted to his paralyzed body.

Ahana held out the glass, tears blurred her vision, her hands trembled.

'Won't you say goodbye?'He asked.

She shook her head as tears poured down her face.

Amit took a deep breath, 'I love you…', he leaned his head forward to drink the poison.

Word count – 99

Written by Chirasree Bose for 100 Word Wednesday: Week 30


Will you…?(1 min read)

I ran down the stairs and lifted the receiver, 'Hello', I panted heavily.

'It's me…', his voice was low and hesitant; still it soothed the stinging pain within me.

'I…', he hesitated,'…I can't…', he sighed.

'…can't make it this time??' I tried hard to keep my voice from trembling.

'They've declared war again…', he said after a long pause.

'Papa wants to -'

'I've to go…I promise I'll call you soon.'

' -meet you…', my voice trailed off; he'd disconnected already.

15 years passed. He has yet to fulfill his promise.


Word count – 91

Written by Chirasree Bose for 28 JULY 2017


Where am I??( 2 min read)

I can't breathe; my throat feels dry, sweat drips off my face and hair; I need waterI open my mouth but no word comes out of it.

Where am II slowly open my eyes; it's completely dark; I've never been in a more horrendous place.

It seems I'm sitting on a chair, but where am I…am I in my roomquestions arise; I think the power went offI sigh and get up from the chair but…

My hands are tied together. I vainly struggle against the rope. Something is wrong…I have to get out…I'm trappedI try to shout but my voice chokes.


I run here and there but it seems there is no door, how is it possible…where am I…suddenly tripping over something, I fall to the floor.

I can't feel any pain but there's a sound, it's coming from far away, isn't it my phone?…

I sit up in my bed, ohh….it was a dream!!, I heave a sigh of relief, grab the bottle and gulp down all the water in it.

I fumble for the light switch next to my bed, where's the damn switch, I mutter curses; my phone starts ringing, Hello, I answer it.

'What if this is a dream?…What if that was real?…Either way you're trapped…', the voice on the other end breaks into a mad fit of demonic laughter.

Written by Chirasree Bose for Photo Challenge #175

It has seen everything( 2 min read)

'Jinia, come inside…food is served.' Mom called from the kitchen window.

I had been sitting in the backyard since morning; my eyes were fixed on the spot where it all happened.

I hadn't uttered a single word ever since that incident happened. There was a strange daunting silence inside my head; it seemed like all the inside voices were shut forever.

I was about to get up from the bench when the harsh cry of the crow startled me, making me look up at it instantly, isn't it the same…it has seen everything…, my heart started beating hard.


It sat on a branch with its eyes pointed at me and it seemed as if its loud cry was narrating the incident to the whole world. My hands started shaking; it seemed my head would explode; my vision started getting blurry when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

It was Mom; I got up and threw myself into her arms. 'It wasn't my mistake…he was beating you…', I shouted my heart out.

She put her hand on my head – 'Shh…nobody will ever know…we've buried the body', said Mom in a calm voice.

I looked back at the Crow, pointed my fingers to it – 'it saw everything, Mom…look at -'

'You're stressed out…let's go inside', she cut in.

'I hope she gets over the trauma of killing her own father… ', sighed Jinia's mother as she thought to herself, '…and never ever gets to know that I was the one who got that done through her…', she looked back, narrowed her eyes at the Crow and muttered, 'you truly have seen everything.'

Written by Chirasree Bose

The smell of wet Earth( <1 min read)

‘Spread your hands…lift your toes…let your hair loose…look up at the sky…now shut your eyes and inhale the smell of wet Earth…’; she followed his instructions like a docile kid.

A moment later, she opened her eyes, shrugged her shoulders and heaved a long sigh – ‘I used to do this when I was small, you know…life was so simple back then, nah? But now…’

‘Maybe it’s still simple…it’s just that the 10 year-old you didn’t know how to complicate it…’, her counselor smiled.

photo by Sam Burriss via Unsplash
Written by Chirasree Bose for Three Line Tales, Week 76