Those little wandering eyes( 1 min read)

Sometimes all you need to do is recognize the sign you've been looking for all along. Ten years back I met a little boy sitting quietly in the last seat of a bus, clutching his tiny car toy, legs pulled up to his chest; for reasons unknown, those little wandering eyes gave rise to an [...]


The Bride And The Stranger( 2 min read)

I got married a couple of hours back. I'm sitting in my bridal attire, anxious, playing with fingers and staring up at the stars in anticipation. But it's not a bed of roses that I'm sitting on, but a ice-cold bench on a footpath - all alone. Looking up at the sky, I'm wondering what [...]

Do you still…( 2 min read)

'Do you still...' The voice at the other end trailed off. Arshi remained silent for some time, then hung up.  She knew the answer wasn't a simple yes or no. But it was not this question that niggled her heart. She wondered why she'd phoned him after all these years. No, it was not closure [...]

A little regret( 2 min read)

'Arnab!!' My heart skipped a beat; I stopped walking. The voice was well-known; the memories flooded my mind in a flash. 'Arnab!!' Inhaling deeply, I turned around. There she was, all smiles. 'Ipshita!' I uttered, faking a smile. She came forward, grinning broader. 'How're you?' After the pleasantries were done, we entered a Cafe nearby. [...]

Did they live happily ever after? (1 min read)

There once was a castle, where lived a little Prince. He'd always been told that one day a beautiful Princess would turn up and sweep him off his feet. 'But...I'm ugly!!' He looked pensive. 'She'd have eyes only for your heart, Prince.' Years passed. He grew up to be a nice man with an unsightly [...]

Love happened just like that…( 2 min read)

Do you ever realize at what point you start falling for someone? Most of you might say no, but I'd say yes. Let me take you back to that moment - I was gazing up at the heavy, dark clouds, about to break into rain droplets anytime; the sky seemed to be reflecting my face, [...]

Stop tapping, Start talking( 1 min read)

The hoarding outside the shop grabbed my attention. I stopped - 'Stop tapping, Start talking'. I pulled the glass door to peek inside, when a girl emerged out of nowhere and snatched my mobile. Before I could react, she said, 'ma'am, your time starts now.' 'Pardon?' 'All you have to do is talk with others like [...]

It is still ours…( 2 min read)

As I stood before the gigantic house, a shiver trailed down my spine, making my hair stand on end. The walls had fungus all over them, paint faded here and there - which clearly showed that they'd made no effort to maintain the house. I took a step ahead, and then stopped, should I ring the [...]

The Wedding Album( 1 min read)

'He's no more, Akangsha' - the words echoed in my ears again and again, my head spun; I looked around for a place to sit but my sight started getting blurred. I stretched my hand out and opened my mouth, but I collapsed onto the ground. 'Are you okay now?' - the words suddenly hit [...]