…through a Bumpy Road( 2 min read)

Today I’m not the writer; I gawk in awe at this woman as she’s orating on her life and journey. I’m just holding the pen while she’s penning down her words - I’m an ordinary woman who has lived a trite life comprising a bag full of remarkable experiences. My early memories are blurry now … Continue reading …through a Bumpy Road( 2 min read)


The loner and A Cup of Tea (3 min read)

I believe people misread loneliness. Why? Because sometimes, in life, all you have is your own company. I doubt if anybody is a born loner. The people you love, probably, make you one. I, Mrinalni Biswas, am standing here on the balcony right now, all alone. Nobody's there. As if them being here would have … Continue reading The loner and A Cup of Tea (3 min read)

Stop tapping, Start talking( 1 min read)

The hoarding outside the shop grabbed my attention. I stopped - 'Stop tapping, Start talking'. I pulled the glass door to peek inside, when a girl emerged out of nowhere and snatched my mobile. Before I could react, she said, 'ma'am, your time starts now.' 'Pardon?' 'All you have to do is talk with others like … Continue reading Stop tapping, Start talking( 1 min read)

Sree’s quotes

Hey Bloggers, While I am away for 2 days, hope you will enjoy reading my quotes. Do leave your feedback.   Written by Chirasree Bose

Letter to my killer( <1 min read)

It wasn't me whom you murdered. Mrs. Roy - became her identity. 'Just a housewife' - they'd described her. 'You'd better stay at home' - she'd agreed. 'Your father should've offered our son a car or a new flat' - said her in-laws. She'd swallowed back the humiliation. She'd thought love was incomplete without compromises.  … Continue reading Letter to my killer( <1 min read)

It’s been 70 years, really??

What is independence? - the ability to do what you feel is right. But what is right? - well, you can't decide it for yourself, it is defined as something which doesn't seem wrong to others. Take honor killing as an example - choosing your life partner yourself is a sin, it's a crime but … Continue reading It’s been 70 years, really??

Dear Bestie…

Do you remember the days we used to be best friends?I bet you do.Do you remember the promises we made, the decisions we'd taken?Yeah right, we were innocent.Remember we decided not to get married ever? Huh, now you're married with two kids.I remember you wanted to be an air hostess. Now you're a housewife.To my … Continue reading Dear Bestie…