The Mirror (1 min read)

They say abandoned houses recount their past in the darkness of night - at the wee hours; to be able to hear the faint murmurs, you'd have to overcome all the chaos within - the tiny voices of conscience, the little flames of vulnerability and the most crucial of all, fear. I don't quite get … Continue reading The Mirror (1 min read)


…history might repeat itself( 1 min read)

'I'll come back,' I said, to which she replied, 'I know'; caressing my head, she planted a kiss on my forehead; tears flooded her eyes when I looked back at her sticking my head out of the car window. I kept my word and came back; now I was standing in front of the door … Continue reading …history might repeat itself( 1 min read)

The unlived fairy tale life…( 1 min read)

'Let's get married,' Akaash said, sliding a ring on her finger; her eyes grew moist, but she managed to smile; swallowing back the lump that had formed in her throat, she softly uttered, 'you don't have to do this just because...' Akaash put a finger over her lips; 'I'm doing this because we both dreamed … Continue reading The unlived fairy tale life…( 1 min read)

The missed train( 1 min read)

Vrihaan finally reached the right platform; stopping to catch his breath, he stole a quick glance at his watch, then looked around; in the distance, sat a young girl who looked nearly half his age; 'the last train...,' before he could complete, the girl cut in, 'it missed it'. Vrihaan sat down on the … Continue reading The missed train( 1 min read)

Those little wandering eyes( 1 min read)

Sometimes all you need to do is recognize the sign you've been looking for all along. Ten years back I met a little boy sitting quietly in the last seat of a bus, clutching his tiny car toy, legs pulled up to his chest; for reasons unknown, those little wandering eyes gave rise to an … Continue reading Those little wandering eyes( 1 min read)

The smell of wet Earth( <1 min read)

'Spread your hands...lift your toes...let your hair loose...look up at the shut your eyes and inhale the smell of wet Earth...'; she followed his instructions like a docile kid. A moment later, she opened her eyes, shrugged her shoulders and heaved a long sigh - 'I used to do this when I was small, … Continue reading The smell of wet Earth( <1 min read)

Remember this ring??( <1 min read)

'Will you spend the rest of your life with me...', was his exact words; pulling on the brake, he got off his bicycle, bent his knees and held out a ring. ******************************************************** 'You're listening, right...', he asks impatiently, bringing me back to the present. Nodding silently, I take the divorce papers from his hand; the … Continue reading Remember this ring??( <1 min read)

The joker and his angel( 1 min read)

'What...but...can you can you say this at the last minute...', Ria raised her voice; 'what's wrong', asked Bhusan; 'the event planner just called up...he said the joker isn't coming - ' 'but why...' '...his daughter's fallen sick...what do we tell her now, Bhusan...the party's about to start -' 'Papa...Mumma...' they turned around, hearing their little … Continue reading The joker and his angel( 1 min read)

Wrong mates( 1 min read)

'Can we talk - ' Rishav's voice choked up as Nisha turned around, reminding him of the first time they'd met in college; it hadn't taken him long to realize that it was love at first sight. It'd taken a little longer, however, for Nisha to realize her feelings for him but once she did, … Continue reading Wrong mates( 1 min read)

Promises are meant to be broken( 1 min read)

I turned back hearing my name and froze up for a moment seeing her face. "" we both spoke up together, holding each other's hands excitedly; we had no idea that our daughters'd been studying in the same college; if it wasn't for their graduation ceremony, we would've never met again. We reminisced about the good old … Continue reading Promises are meant to be broken( 1 min read)