Did they live happily ever after? (1 min read)

There once was a castle, where lived a little Prince. He'd always been told that one day a beautiful Princess would turn up and sweep him off his feet. 'But...I'm ugly!!' He looked pensive. 'She'd have eyes only for your heart, Prince.' Years passed. He grew up to be a nice man with an unsightly … Continue reading Did they live happily ever after? (1 min read)


Sree’s quotes

Hey Bloggers, While I am away for 2 days, hope you will enjoy reading my quotes. Do leave your feedback.   Written by Chirasree Bose

It’s time to let go ( 1 min read)

'Here she is,' said the nurse handing her the baby.Ridha gingerly took the infant in her arms, her eyes shone with tears while her lips curved into a smile..The nurse smiled back, her eyes dropped with a feeling of pity.'I've been dreading this moment...,' she stared at the baby for a long while, then smiled … Continue reading It’s time to let go ( 1 min read)

The day I met my husband( 1 min read)

He cleared his throat, finally breaking the awful silence prevailing for the last few minutes. I looked at him, then shifted my eyes quickly, my palms sweating profusely. 'I was surprised when you wanted to meet me', he forced a laugh. I furrowed my brows. 'I've been rejected by 5 girls. You see I don't … Continue reading The day I met my husband( 1 min read)

Over a cup of coffee( 2 min read)

'So...how's life?' He asked as we sat across from each other. I smiled faintly, 'good', I replied. 'I didn't think we'd meet again...' He said leaning back in the chair. I forced a smile, and I wish we didn't, I thought to myself as I blew on the hot coffee cup to cool it. We both … Continue reading Over a cup of coffee( 2 min read)

The day my life changed( 1 min read)

The clock strikes 10; my phone buzzes, I disconnect the call from work and turn my face away to stare deep into the darkness; the park is hauntingly empty at this time of the day. 'Running away isn't a wise choice, dear - ' I look in the direction the voice came from, a man sitting beside me, his face vaguely visible in the … Continue reading The day my life changed( 1 min read)

Dark secret( 1 min read)

  "Answer me!" The police officer shouted irritably at the maid. The maid cleared his throat - "The door'd been locked from the inside since last evening...I broke it this morning and - ". He broke down. "So, Mrs. Basu...why do you think your daughter might have committed suicide?" Asked the officer, motioning to the maid to leave … Continue reading Dark secret( 1 min read)

You’re my rock star( 1 min read)

I struggled through the crowd; the girls around screamed the rock star's name looking like they would faint, while I fumbled for my phone and pointed the camera at the stage. "...my first song will be for you...you'll come to my concert, right" he had asked jokingly in college 3 years ago; little did I know that … Continue reading You’re my rock star( 1 min read)

Love me back…again…

As I added white to the canvas, it mixed with red and created a pinkish concoction; I added a bit of yellow to give it some orange linings and finally sprinkled the canvas with a blend of black and brown; "Ah, perfect..." I exclaimed. "It's beautiful...however I can't fathom why you painted a face as if it were … Continue reading Love me back…again…