I Got Locked Away (3 min read)

I don’t know about love but a part of your soul dies every time a relationship, so dear to your heart, fails. Five years had passed since the divorce. It had not only taken a toll on my mental health, but on every part of my life. I hardly remembered when was the last time … Continue reading I Got Locked Away (3 min read)


A New Beginning (2 min read)

It was the new year's eve. Just a couple of minutes to 12. The streets were teeming with youngsters - awaiting the final countdown, deciding on their resolutions, typing new-year wishes on their mobiles with faces as bright as the street lights. And then there was me, a girl yet to figure out why it … Continue reading A New Beginning (2 min read)

Stay with me always…( 2 min read)

The room was filled with her friends, cousins and aunts, yet Tista's eyes shifted again and again to the door. Where is she, Tista frowned. 'You look beautiful in this Saree, Tista!' Her Aunt exclaimed. The word 'Saree' brought back a memory; she smiled to herself - 'Mom, can I wear your saree?...and these bangles?...and this necklace?' Little Tista asked, … Continue reading Stay with me always…( 2 min read)