Do you still…( 2 min read)

'Do you still...' The voice at the other end trailed off. Arshi remained silent for some time, then hung up.  She knew the answer wasn't a simple yes or no. But it was not this question that niggled her heart. She wondered why she'd phoned him after all these years. No, it was not closure [...]


Stay with me always…( 2 min read)

The room was filled with her friends, cousins and aunts, yet Tista's eyes shifted again and again to the door. Where is she, Tista frowned. 'You look beautiful in this Saree, Tista!' Her Aunt exclaimed. The word 'Saree' brought back a memory; she smiled to herself - 'Mom, can I wear your saree?...and these bangles?...and this necklace?' Little Tista asked, [...]

It has seen everything( 2 min read)

'Jinia, come is served.' Mom called from the kitchen window.I had been sitting in the backyard since morning; my eyes were fixed on the spot where it all happened.I hadn't uttered a single word ever since that incident happened. There was a strange daunting silence inside my head; it seemed like all the inside voices [...]

The last wish( 2 min read)

'What brings you here?' Asked Ria closing the door after Dishant stepped inside. Dishant mumbled something, his stare blank and eyes lowered. Ria motioned him towards the couch - 'Sit'; she added, 'will you have something...Tea...Coffee?' He shook his head silently and then sat down on the couch, his eyes roaming aimlessly. 'How's your health [...]

The joker and his angel( 1 min read)

'What...but...can you can you say this at the last minute...', Ria raised her voice; 'what's wrong', asked Bhusan; 'the event planner just called up...he said the joker isn't coming - ' 'but why...' '...his daughter's fallen sick...what do we tell her now, Bhusan...the party's about to start -' 'Papa...Mumma...' they turned around, hearing their little [...]

It’s raining again( 1 min read)

'The rain looks beautiful, doesn't it?' I stretched out my hand and the droplets touched my palm. 'I love how the rain drops hang from the drenched window grills.' I added, smiling. All I could think of was how much I'd missed the rain. I would shut all the windows, pull the curtains and sit on my bed putting [...]

I came back for you( 3 min read)

'Yes? Can I help you?' She asked. Nothing came out of my mouth; I stood silently, my eyes fixed on hers, my heart beat faster than ever. 'Auntie, can I have some water?' I said a moment later. She looked me up and down, frowned for a bit, then smiled - 'Come in.' Once inside, [...]

Dark secret( 1 min read)

  "Answer me!" The police officer shouted irritably at the maid. The maid cleared his throat - "The door'd been locked from the inside since last evening...I broke it this morning and - ". He broke down. "So, Mrs. Basu...why do you think your daughter might have committed suicide?" Asked the officer, motioning to the maid to leave [...]

A murderer( 2 min read)

Reshma peeped inside her daughter's room; she watched her sleep for a while and turned around to leave when she found Avilash standing in front of her. "Why don't you go inside?" He asked. "She doesn't want to see me." "Let me talk to her and -" Reshma had left. She had been in prison for years; [...]