A little regret( 2 min read)

'Arnab!!' My heart skipped a beat; I stopped walking. The voice was well-known; the memories flooded my mind in a flash. 'Arnab!!' Inhaling deeply, I turned around. There she was, all smiles. 'Ipshita!' I uttered, faking a smile. She came forward, grinning broader. 'How're you?' After the pleasantries were done, we entered a Cafe nearby. … Continue reading A little regret( 2 min read)


I said no( <1 min read)

"...you're a waitress now!!" He mouthed off once his fiancée left to the loo. The smirk on his face made me want to smack him, but I managed to muster a decent smile - "Your order, sir?" "Do you even realize what a life you would've led had you not..." He paused and ran a finger down my … Continue reading I said no( <1 min read)

She wasn’t my forever

The fragrance of the perfume woke me up this morning; the moment it filled my nostrils, I flashed back to a moment, a very vague one. "What perfume is it?...the smell is too good..." I recalled myself saying to her. "I don't know...sneaked it out of mom's room..." She'd started laughing hysterically. And then I planted … Continue reading She wasn’t my forever