Sree’s Quotes

I hope you would like these quotes of mine. Do stop by and leave your feedback. Written by Chirasree Bose


An evil game( 1 min read)

As soon as I saw him entering the diner, I hurried to the back door. 'Hello darling...' I sighed and turned to face him. 'Dear wifey...I missed you terribly...why did you run away?' His evil eyes glinted menacingly. I swallowed hard. 'The cops are waiting outside...they need you to identify a dead body...' 'Dead...' I gulped. 'They … Continue reading An evil game( 1 min read)

I hushed up love

"...don't say'll hurt yourself..." I said over the phone. "I'm already hurting..." He replied. We hung up. I was relieved that he listened to me, that he didn't say it; or so I convinced myself. Why did I not want him to say it out loud? Would it have mattered? My heart hushed me … Continue reading I hushed up love

It’s like a white rose…

I never said 'I love you' to him, neither did he. Frankly speaking, I didn't know what love felt like; was it different from what I felt for him? We had known each other for quite some years. We weren't exactly friends. What do you call a relationship which is beyond friendship, but doesn't dare to … Continue reading It’s like a white rose…