The unlived fairy tale life…( 1 min read)

'Let's get married,' Akaash said, sliding a ring on her finger; her eyes grew moist, but she managed to smile; swallowing back the lump that had formed in her throat, she softly uttered, 'you don't have to do this just because...' Akaash put a finger over her lips; 'I'm doing this because we both dreamed [...]


A little regret( 2 min read)

'Arnab!!' My heart skipped a beat; I stopped walking. The voice was well-known; the memories flooded my mind in a flash. 'Arnab!!' Inhaling deeply, I turned around. There she was, all smiles. 'Ipshita!' I uttered, faking a smile. She came forward, grinning broader. 'How're you?' After the pleasantries were done, we entered a Cafe nearby. [...]

Let’s confess( 2 min read)

'It's still raining hard outside...,' Rishi closed the window shutters and turned to me.I rolled my eyes and heaved a deep sigh; 'this is the last time we're meeting before...,' he stopped.I wasn't paying attention to him. The ongoing thunderstorm worried me, I'll miss the bus, I stole a quick glance at my wristwatch.He continued, 'let's [...]

I’ll never say goodbye to you( 2 min read)

"Love and relationships are so different nowadays, isn't it?" I asked my wife. She smiled - "In our times, love wasn't a matter of concern, especially to a daughter's family; the concern was to get their daughter married. Naturally there was no guarantee that one would fall in love after marriage." "But we did...that too before [...]

I was his girlfriend(2 min read)

"You're my best friend!" I said, high-fiving. "Don't call me that!...I'm not your friend." He replied gruffly. I laughed hard, pulling his hair and he glared at me. I still laugh when I remember our conversation and the moments we spent together. We'd been friends since 3rd standard. He however used to call me his [...]