The unlived fairy tale life…( 1 min read)

'Let's get married,' Akaash said, sliding a ring on her finger; her eyes grew moist, but she managed to smile; swallowing back the lump that had formed in her throat, she softly uttered, 'you don't have to do this just because...' Akaash put a finger over her lips; 'I'm doing this because we both dreamed [...]


The Bride And The Stranger( 2 min read)

I got married a couple of hours back. I'm sitting in my bridal attire, anxious, playing with fingers and staring up at the stars in anticipation. But it's not a bed of roses that I'm sitting on, but a ice-cold bench on a footpath - all alone. Looking up at the sky, I'm wondering what [...]

Do you still…( 2 min read)

'Do you still...' The voice at the other end trailed off. Arshi remained silent for some time, then hung up.  She knew the answer wasn't a simple yes or no. But it was not this question that niggled her heart. She wondered why she'd phoned him after all these years. No, it was not closure [...]

Love happened just like that…( 2 min read)

Do you ever realize at what point you start falling for someone? Most of you might say no, but I'd say yes. Let me take you back to that moment - I was gazing up at the heavy, dark clouds, about to break into rain droplets anytime; the sky seemed to be reflecting my face, [...]

Letter to my killer( <1 min read)

It wasn't me whom you murdered. Mrs. Roy - became her identity. 'Just a housewife' - they'd described her. 'You'd better stay at home' - she'd agreed. 'Your father should've offered our son a car or a new flat' - said her in-laws. She'd swallowed back the humiliation. She'd thought love was incomplete without compromises.  [...]

Stay with me always…( 2 min read)

The room was filled with her friends, cousins and aunts, yet Tista's eyes shifted again and again to the door. Where is she, Tista frowned. 'You look beautiful in this Saree, Tista!' Her Aunt exclaimed. The word 'Saree' brought back a memory; she smiled to herself - 'Mom, can I wear your saree?...and these bangles?...and this necklace?' Little Tista asked, [...]

Let’s confess( 2 min read)

'It's still raining hard outside...,' Rishi closed the window shutters and turned to me.I rolled my eyes and heaved a deep sigh; 'this is the last time we're meeting before...,' he stopped.I wasn't paying attention to him. The ongoing thunderstorm worried me, I'll miss the bus, I stole a quick glance at my wristwatch.He continued, 'let's [...]

What if I say no?( 1 min read)

'Will you marry me?' The question, all of a sudden, made me think what if I said no. It made me wonder if I'd always meant no whenever I'd said yes to him. What if the kind of love I received was not what I'd wished for. He got down on one knee. The smile [...]

Why not ask her?( <1 min read)

'Congratulations sir...,' grinned the reporter seated in the front row and added, 'finally we can call her Mrs Avni Rishav Basu.' 'Why,' I furrowed my brow. The reporters stole glances at each other, 'she's now your wife, sir.' I nodded approval, then asked, 'how would you feel if one day, all of a sudden, your [...]