The Mirror (1 min read)

They say abandoned houses recount their past in the darkness of night - at the wee hours; to be able to hear the faint murmurs, you'd have to overcome all the chaos within - the tiny voices of conscience, the little flames of vulnerability and the most crucial of all, fear. I don't quite get … Continue reading The Mirror (1 min read)


Into her world( 1 min read)

My eyes hovered over the photographs hanging on the wall; they suddenly stopped on one, a group picture. 'Wasn't this taken on our farewell day?' I asked, turning back. 'Yeah...this is my favorite out of all.' Raju replied. Rohan nodded - 'It always evokes nostalgic memories...golden days, huh?' I leaned over and looked through the faces; … Continue reading Into her world( 1 min read)