A chapter ends( 1 min read)

Walking down this road brings back loads of memories; these giant trees on both sides have been the ardent reader of those frayed pages of my life. My hand brushes against the leaves; it reminds me of the person who once held my hand as we walked. The Sun's rays penetrate their way through the trees [...]


Do you still…( 2 min read)

'Do you still...' The voice at the other end trailed off. Arshi remained silent for some time, then hung up.  She knew the answer wasn't a simple yes or no. But it was not this question that niggled her heart. She wondered why she'd phoned him after all these years. No, it was not closure [...]

Sree’s quotes

Hey Bloggers, While I am away for 2 days, hope you will enjoy reading my quotes. Do leave your feedback.   Written by Chirasree Bose

An evil game( 1 min read)

As soon as I saw him entering the diner, I hurried to the back door. 'Hello darling...' I sighed and turned to face him. 'Dear wifey...I missed you terribly...why did you run away?' His evil eyes glinted menacingly. I swallowed hard. 'The cops are waiting outside...they need you to identify a dead body...' 'Dead...' I gulped. 'They [...]

Over a cup of coffee( 2 min read)

'So...how's life?' He asked as we sat across from each other. I smiled faintly, 'good', I replied. 'I didn't think we'd meet again...' He said leaning back in the chair. I forced a smile, and I wish we didn't, I thought to myself as I blew on the hot coffee cup to cool it. We both [...]

Life may not give you a second chance…( 2 min read)

'Mishti?' I looked up - 'yes?', then quickly looked down. What is he doing here, I thought, yet maintained a straight face. 'Hey, what a great surprise!!' He exclaimed, sat down beside me on the bench, a playful smile tugging on his lips. 'You!...here?' I forced out a smile, as if seeing him didn't affect me [...]

I came back for you( 3 min read)

'Yes? Can I help you?' She asked. Nothing came out of my mouth; I stood silently, my eyes fixed on hers, my heart beat faster than ever. 'Auntie, can I have some water?' I said a moment later. She looked me up and down, frowned for a bit, then smiled - 'Come in.' Once inside, [...]

Our second honeymoon( 1 min read)

She checked her wristwatch again - 'Can't we just call him - ' He cut in, 'When was the last time we came on vacation together, just you and me?' Her cheeks flushed red, recalling old times. He took her hands - 'Let's relive those days.' She giggled like a teen; 'Call him!!' She insisted. He looked [...]