At The Horizon (1 min read)

I spent days desiring a life that I live now. I would look far into the horizon where the ocean and the sky met. My eyes would scintillate trying to find the horizon where my dreams and reality would meet. Days passed. Months and then years. I stand at this juncture now, where my dream … Continue reading At The Horizon (1 min read)


Before our story began…( 2 min read)

There was pin drop silence in the house. I swallowed nervously, then started scampering when I heard a footfall behind me. 'Are you running away?' The voice startled me. I turned around. He was looking at the suitcase in my hand. I sat down on the couch with a thud. Silence fell between us. He stayed … Continue reading Before our story began…( 2 min read)