Find Me (2 min read)

'Who saw the body first?' The maid stared at the lifeless body lying on the bed, her eyes widened, lips quivering. She stayed put, tears flowing down her face. The Inspector repeated himself, his voice high-pitched. It shook her to the core. She looked up. 'I-I did.' She stammered, her breathing heavy and quick. 'What … Continue reading Find Me (2 min read)


Five minutes to twelve( 1 min read)

'It's so dark!''The lights are on, Granny!!' I replied.She sighed deeply, 'your eyes aren't wise enough to see the darkness.'I smiled to myself, Dad's right...she talks nonsense nowadays, I unfolded the quilt placed near her feet.'Don't you hear the murmurs?',  she asked.'No', I replied. She grabbed my hand, 'I can see those eyes...', she whispered.I gulped.'Your … Continue reading Five minutes to twelve( 1 min read)

You’ve got to die( 1 min read)

you're gonna die today... - The message popped up. I frowned. you've got 10 minutes..., another message arrived. I looked around the tram and saw an old lady, a middle-aged man, a young girl and a little boy; they looked back at me with a strange smile lingering on their lips. My phone lit up - Well, let me refresh your memory... … Continue reading You’ve got to die( 1 min read)

Who wants to kill you?(1 min read)

Shaking hands with detective Priyansh, Mr. Das introduced him to his wife and son. Sitting down, Priyansh asked - "So why do you think your life's in danger?" "I've received threatening letters." "Can we talk privately?" asked Priyansh. As they left the lawn, Priyansh added, "tell me if you suspect anybody." "I suspect both my wife and son." Priyansh frowned … Continue reading Who wants to kill you?(1 min read)