Let’s stop by a cafe( 2 min read)

'Julia?' I turned back hearing my name; 'Sia!!' I exclaimed. After an exchange of pleasantries, we decided to stop by a Cafe for a quick chat. 'It's been so long!!' She rolled her eyes; I chuckled at the animated expression on her face and nodded. 'So...how's life?' I asked after taking a sip of my [...]


Dear Bestie…

Do you remember the days we used to be best friends?I bet you do.Do you remember the promises we made, the decisions we'd taken?Yeah right, we were innocent.Remember we decided not to get married ever? Huh, now you're married with two kids.I remember you wanted to be an air hostess. Now you're a housewife.To my [...]

The guy who knew me( 2 min read)

'Can I buy you a drink?' Asked the guy, sitting on the bar stool right beside me. 'No, thank you.' I retorted, although I must admit that for fraction of a second I wished I'd said yes. He didn't move away, instead kept looking for a way to keep the conversation going. 'You wanna say something?' [...]

Promises are meant to be broken( 1 min read)

I turned back hearing my name and froze up for a moment seeing her face. "You...here..." we both spoke up together, holding each other's hands excitedly; we had no idea that our daughters'd been studying in the same college; if it wasn't for their graduation ceremony, we would've never met again. We reminisced about the good old [...]

I was his girlfriend(2 min read)

"You're my best friend!" I said, high-fiving. "Don't call me that!...I'm not your friend." He replied gruffly. I laughed hard, pulling his hair and he glared at me. I still laugh when I remember our conversation and the moments we spent together. We'd been friends since 3rd standard. He however used to call me his [...]

Memories of heaven #TMAT120

"You can't leave me here..." the four-year-old started crying. She'd come riding on her father's bike and had been all smiles until she realized that it was time to leave him. Everybody laughed at her except one teacher. She took her hands and caressed her head; telling her fairy-tales, she took her to the classroom. Seeing the girl in a distance, [...]