Wrong mates( 1 min read)

'Can we talk - ' Rishav's voice choked up as Nisha turned around, reminding him of the first time they'd met in college; it hadn't taken him long to realize that it was love at first sight. It'd taken a little longer, however, for Nisha to realize her feelings for him but once she did, … Continue reading Wrong mates( 1 min read)


Come be a part of our wedding

"Will we ever get married?" She asked, teary-eyed. "Why are you so worried about it?" He asked, smiling. "Our parents are against it, you know right!" "So does that make you stop loving me?" "No." "Me neither..." he retorted. Wiping her tears, he added, "I wonder what marriage really is! Is it some sort of test … Continue reading Come be a part of our wedding